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  • Christmas Lunch-5th December

    This year, on December 5th, we are going to the Arches at Embley’s for our Christmas Lunch. It’s a great menu – download a menu here – and you can book a place at the Coffee Morning. One course is £12.95, two courses are £16.95 and three courses are £19.95. See Pat for more information. […]

  • Gardening Group-Meeting 21st September

    Notes from Gardening Group Meeting 21st September 2018 1 The date for sowing Sweetpeas at Wedgwood is Friday 19th October 2018 at 10pm. Just bring your chosen packet of seeds. 2 We discussed the jobs to be done in the garden in the Autumn. 3 Suggestions for garden visits were given. It was agreed that […]

  • Reading Group report-People of the Book

    Do you know what a Haggadah is ? Have you heard of the Haggadah of Sarajevo ? I guess that many of you, as in our book group, would answer in the negative. This novel is based on a true story and is a story of loss, of adventure, of rediscovery, of bravery. It is […]

  • Me and My Girl

    Come with us for a matinee performance of Me and My Girl at the Stockport Plaza on October 20th. There are 6 places left if anybody would like to join us.The total price including the return coach fare will be £28. Wendy and myself will be starting to collect the money from this Thursday at […]

  • July Book Club review

    GHOST MOTH by Michelle Forbes To the book of the month ……What were our thoughts about this book? First let me give you some idea of the content. The novel is set in Belfast,moving from 1949 to 1969. We all know how in that space of time life would change there. In 1949..Katherine the main […]

  • Art Appreciation starts monday

    A new group – Art Appreciation – starts on Monday at 14.00 in the Front hall. This is initially going to be a six session group with meetings taking place every two weeks. Our first meeting will be to look at a popular and well known painting, The Birth of Venus by Botticelli and over […]