Speaker diary

    • Thursday 12th October 2017 – Amanda Boult, Alzheimer’s Society. Subject: Understanding Dementia.
    • Thursday 19th October 2017 – Neil Smith. Subject: Beyond the Iron Curtain, a talk about his adventures touring in the USSR with his acoustic guitar.
    • Thursday 9th November 2017 – Ian Young. Subject: Basking sharks and a little bit more – sea life around the Isle of Man.
    • Thursday 23rd November 2017 – Roger Blaxall. Subject: Lancashire county counsil – 50 questions to test our knowledge of the Red Rose county.
    • Thursday 7th December 2017 – Ross Bullock. Subject: 25 years in the vault – a life in banking.
    • Thursday 8th February 2018 – Graham Stirrup. Subject: Animals at War
    • Thursday 1st March 2018 – Shirly Crisp. Subject: British from the bottom up – A journey building a Made in Britain underwear brand, the return of the British textile industry, the highs and lows of manufacturing and how it led to Downing Street.