March 1, 2018

Book Club latest read

The Brooklyn Follies Paul Auster

As with every one of the books we have read, there are diverse opinions about this one. As one group member said, “How strange that we have all read the same words and yet we all have a differing opinion ”

This is a story in which the lynch pin is nothing more nor less than chance, together with an elderly gentleman, Nathan. He relocates to Brooklyn after suffering from a cancer, intending to die there in anonymity, but planning to occupy his last months with writing a book about his foibles and follies. However a chance meeting with his nephew Tom leads from one unexpected event to another and the planned manuscript is played out in Nathan’s ensuing life. The story is built around cameos of the lives of various characters, all linked, all dysfunctional, all involving Nathan in some way or another. His life changes from one in quiet decline to one of active participation.

The characters are well drawn, the story flows smoothly, each plausible individual adds something important to the whole.

As we usually do, each scored the read from 1 to 10. The average was 6, with individual scores from 4 to 10.

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