October 23, 2015

Ukulele Group News

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After listening to Mawdesley U3A Ukulele Band at our Open Day several members expressed an interest in starting our own group. We purchased our ukuleles and got together for the first time on 29th September 2015. Most of us had never played a musical instrument before and those that had some knowledge of string instruments, like a guitar, still found it to be completely different. At fist we all found it difficult placing our fingers in the right position to play the chords and moving from one chord to the next. However, with practice and perseverance we are definitely improving and having fun at the same time! Richard from Mawdesley U3A has attended 3 of our meetings and has been very patient with us, he has started taking us through the basics cords and only moving forward to the next step when he feels that everyone is ready.

The next meeting for the group will be

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