May 1, 2016

iPad news

Next week (2nd May) at the ‘coffee morning’ I will be setting up a table to (hopefully) help any of the members who may have a question or problem that I may be able to help with.  If you would like to bring your iPad or any other tablet that you may have a problem with – I will do my upmost to at least be able to give you some advice…..(Perhaps bring a notebook)

Note: I am not very familiar with other tablets beside iPads’, but some things are similar and I may be able to help!!

‘Our next iPad for Beginners 6 week course will take place in June or July depending when there are enough members to run another course.

The course is most enjoyable and even if you have an iPad and can email and search – there are lots and lots of tips and tricks to make your iPad more enjoyable with plenty of handouts for you to take home and information that perhaps you did not know what the iPad and yourself can do !!!!

We don’t perform anything technical …. just easy lessons for you to enjoy your iPad even more that you can possibly imagine.’

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